Sunday, June 29, 2014


Since this is my first post I thought I would give a bit of a introduction of myself and my family. They will be in the post a lot.

I'm a very happy stay at home mom of four soon to be six. For the purpose of the blog the kids will be known as 1,2,3,4 and 5 and 6 in a few months. My husbands will be known as hubs. I just want to protect a bit of privacy. We also have 3 dogs we adopted. They may appear from time to time since they run and sail with us sometimes.

We live in the Windy City. I'm a native the hubs is from NYC and moved her after we got married. I gave up the corporate world when I had our first who is 3 years old. A few months later our 4 year old came into our lives through adoption. So basically I had a baby of about 3 months and a 16 month in one year. It was bliss! We welcomed our twins 8 months ago.

My hubs is a runner, swimmer and bike rides. I will ride my bike with him and we do family runs (I believe I slow him down) but I do not swim. But our kids are water babies thanks to him.

We love sailing and have our sail boat in walking distance of where we live.

Our house has a food allergy so I cook healthy gluten free meals, though the hubs and 1 I know sneak non gluten free sweets sometimes.

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