Sunday, July 27, 2014


Our weekend had highs and lows. My hub ran a 10k and rocked his time yesterday. Today we took our dog to the vet. She was sick and thankfully it wasn't serious but she has meds and just isn't herself yet. Add on to that having to travel to another state for a funeral early this week my stress level is high.

I just want to show props to my hub. He took care of everything here plus worked while I was gone. He is the best!

I had big plans for this week but with a sick dog I have to change them. Also all day I have been cooking pasta, rice and in the crock pit chicken and potatoes for our dog. This will help with feeding.

Thankfully I was able to get to the store to do the shopping for the week. So we can spend time outside with our dog and her new routine.

Sunday: Grilled a whole salmon and made mashed cauliflower.
Monday: Veggies with dip and fresh baked bread.
Tuesday: Bean dip with chips and some homemade salsa.
Wednesday: Veggie and fish kabobs, not sure on the fish.
Thursday: We are at my dads so we will order out.
Friday-till we get back from vacation so no food prep.

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