Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Time away

So it has been a bit, but it has been busy. We headed to our house in Michigan for the 4th. We invited family and friends to come and visit. They have a local parade which was tons of fun. Lots of candy, sweets, toys stickers for the kiddos.

My hubs participated in a stroller run. He got second place and it marked the first time he raced with the twins. I was put in charge of the Big Girls who were running one of their own. It went well and all the runners were ready to celebrate. And we did with some ice cream.

After our wonderful weekend away we needed to make a decision. Go home and deal with the Taste of Chicago or  stay the week in Michigan. We picked Michigan. I really didn't want to deal with walking dogs, taking kids to play or basically anything with all those crowds.

It was great! My hubs worked with the help of 4 attorneys in training.

As for running I sidelined myself cause the hubs is training for a half marathon. Like I said before I know I slow him down. But the kiddos and I got in 5 miles each day speed walking. Pretty bad ass pushing that four seater. Also very tiring.

Arrival home we sort of forgot we needed food. So after getting settled a list was made and I was off. We had to figure in a lot of things this week for the fact that we will have out of town guests and a trip to the burbs for a concert.

Sunday: Ratatouille with crumbled feta cheese
Monday: Tofu curry we put broccoli mushroom peppers and eggplant
Tuesday: Salad with tons of veggies and homemade peach dressing
Wednesday: Grilled Polish sausage with peppers and onions
Thursday: Out of town guests so out for Sushi
Friday: To the burbs for a cook out with out of town guests
Saturday: Concert in the burbs and we will picnic.
Sunday: Spatchcocked chicken, tomato cucumber salad and grilled veggies

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